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Spotters Called into Position World Wide

update The Santa Tracking Department has started to place spotters on location in different parts of the world. The job of a spotter is to feed information from select locations back to the North Pole to aid in Santa’s flight.

“We do have a flight plan that we discuss months ahead of time with Santa,” Elf Billy said. “But a hundred things can take him off that path. So it is critical that we always know what is happening out there in different parts of the world. These guys know where Santa is and where he is supposed to be. They are trained to look for him and to report anything they see. It isn’t a security thing, it is a safety and timing thing. Santa is trying to get to every home by Christmas morning. The spotters do a great service to Santa and the world with their work.”

Spotters work only in general areas. Specific neighborhoods are still covered by the world’s largest network of Santa’s elves, Santa’s Secret Spies. Elf Agent X is STILL recruiting more secret spies for Santa. Do you want to be an elf? HELP Santa tonight!

— Elf Ernest
Direct from Santa’s Newsroom at the North Pole


Estimated Time to Launch: 23 hours
Current North Pole Weather: 17 Degrees, Heavy Snow, High Winds
Command Center Status: Go!
Latest Secret Spy Reports: Windy in western Kentucky USA; Heat warning in western Australia; anti-Christmas feelings in parts of North Korea; Drifting snow reported in Austria…