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Crowds Gather for Santa’s Launch Despite the Weather

updateElf families and non-working crew are beginning to gather over at Santa’s Stables. Bleachers have been set up to accommodate the crowds that will come to see Santa off.

“They better be bundled up!” cautioned Elf Billy in Santa’s Weather Center. “I don’t expect conditions out there to improve. It is windy, cold and the snow is up to the roofline in many places out there. Tough conditions to watch Santa’s sleigh launch.”

Speaking of Santa’s sleigh we are receiving good news that things are quickly improving over there. We don’t know why for sure but we heard that Elf Doyle was there with a sandwich and that, for some odd reason, seems to be the turning point of all the problems. We will get the full information and update you as soon as we can.

— Elf Ernest
Direct from Santa’s Newsroom at the North Pole


Estimated Time to Launch: 3 hours
Current North Pole Weather: 12 Degrees, Blizzard Conditions
Command Center Status: All systems are go, all lights are green
Santa’s Status: Heading Back to the North Pole
Reindeer Status: Sleeping soundly.
Santa’s Workshop Status: 94% complete, catching up
Santa’s Sleigh Status: 97% ready, sleigh bell repair underway
Wrapping Department Status: 99% complete, waiting on the workshop to complete
North Pole Christmas Party Readiness: 100% complete
North Pole Medical Center Report: No new cases of sickness reported
North Pole Post Office Status: 99% complete, half staff now working, others diverted to Santa’s Workshop
Latest Secret Spy Reports: Frigid temperatures reported in Calgary; chimney problem reported in Billings; antenna issue reported in Rome…
Where it is Christmas Eve now: Wake Island, Siberia
Where it is Christmas morning now: Nowhere