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Wrapping Department Reports Huge Backlog

The Wrapping Department at the North Pole is a huge mess at this hour. We kind of knew it would be.

“It is hard not to feel worried,” Elf Wally said. “We got such a late start due to how things unfolded this year. We will go as fast as we can!”

I asked Santa about this particular problem. It isn’t unusual for the Wrapping Department to be behind with Santa’s launch so close. They have the last job, so to speak, before Santa’s Sleigh is packed. But as Elf Wally said, this has been a different year. Santa told me he had a back up plan in place. Then he asked me: “Do you know how to wrap, Ernest?”

I’m clearing my desk off, just in case. I can’t wrap anything right now as I have my hands full. But I will pitch in where I can.

— Elf Ernest

Wrapping Department Reports Huge Backlog 1