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Tracking Center Readies for Santa’s Launch

We just received word from Santa’s Tracking Center — the maps are up, the command center is staffed and the countdown is on to Santa’s Launch.

Between now and when Santa launches the tracking center will begin setting up reporting stations around the world. The job of these stations is to provide local weather updates, local news reports, and to send information in to the North Pole that Santa might need to know on his flight. Traditionally the tracking center has these pieces all in place about 72 hours before launch but because of the recent weather problems at the North Pole they are a little behind.

“I’m not worried about this part at all,” said Elf Billy, who is in charge of tracking both the weather and Santa’s flight. “We will get things set up and for the next day or two I will stay in charge here. Then, I will give way to Elf Quinton who will come over about an hour or so before Santa actually takes flight. Elf Quiton is the mission commander. He communicates with Santa while he is on the sleigh. He calls the shots from that point forward.”

When asked if the Tracking Center could be ready in time for Santa’s launch Elf Billy said it was no problem that they are starting a little late. “We train all year long for emergencies. We can be ready in less than 10 minutes. We’re not that far behind so it really is not a problem.”

— Elf Ernest
Tracking Center Readies for Santa's Launch 1