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Security Concerns Worry Elf Agent X

They are calling it “Operation Wrap-It-Up”. At this hour hundreds of sleighs pulled by thousands of reindeer are shuttling thousands and thousands of toys around the world to be wrapped and made ready for Santa to pick up on his Christmas flight. And it has Elf Agent X just sick with worry.

“You guys don’t have to think about this stuff but this kind of thing is what keeps me up at night,” Elf Agent X explained. “All of these sleighs are Santa’s sleighs. Santa may not be driving them but they are just as important to him as the main sleigh he flies on Christmas. They have to get where they are going safely and they have to come back. It is hard enough to worry about Santa out there for 30 hours every year doing this all over the world. But it is just asking for big trouble having all these guys out there in sleighs flying in every direction. I need more Secret Spies!”

Elf Quinton — who finally showed up at the North Pole Command Center a little while ago — said everything is working smoothly.

If you are a secret spy for Santa now would be a good time to check around your neighborhood and report in. Elf Agent X and his team is standing by to take your report. Are the skies safe where you live? How is the weather? Click here to make a report.

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— Elf Ernest