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Santa Returns Home for a Brief Rest

updateSanta has returned home for a brief rest and to check on things as they are progressing. It may be the last time we see him before he launches in a little more than 24 hours. Mrs. Claus wants to get some last minute measurements from him so she can tailor his flight suit exactly. This is something she does every year.

Santa has been staying busy. He has been visiting with children, families and folks for the last several days and after catching up a bit here at the North Pole he will head back out to spend Sunday visiting with some sick kids who have not been able to get out to see him this year. Mrs. Claus will go with him for many of these visits, too. This is one of their very favorite things to do.

Santa will at some point have to come back home and get some more rest before he takes flight. In a later update we will give you some information about Santa’s flight and just how long of a day he has ahead of him.

— Elf Ernest