Santa is doing his best to keep things organized at the North Pole. With just hours now until Santa launches folks here are very worried about Santa being able to deliver. Santa’s Workshop is still behind, Santa’s mail hasn’t moved in days and the Wrapping Department is almost two weeks behind now. I’ve never seen things this crazy.

Santa was here for a little while late last night. He has met with Elf Victor, Elf Billy, Elf Bernard, Elf Hugo and now he has met with me just a little while ago. I have a good idea what the plan is. Santa says that while we might have to cut a few corners here and there Christmas will be delivered on time and without issue — he promises.

Immediately after meeting with Elf Victor and Elf Quinton there were elves working in the snow at Santa’s Stables hitching reindeer to the sleigh. I am not sure why so many sleighs are being made ready but clearly many, many reindeer are getting ready to fly. I don’t know if that includes Santa’s A-Team or not. I will have to get back to you on that.

Santa has ordered a full staff to return to work in the Wrapping Department and at Santa’s Post Office. In fact, everyone is back where they should be right now — except for all those elves Santa brought in from the South Pole, from Europe and South America. They continue to work in the workshop.

Santa also met with Mrs. Claus and then left the North Pole without sleeping (he said he would get a few winks on the sleigh and that he needed to see some people before he leaves on Christmas Eve).

All of my elves are back working in the Public Relations Department as well. They are working at this hour to get reporters into place around the world. Elf Agent X is also hard at work at this hour getting spotter elves in place and checking the safety of Santa’s flight plans.

By the looks of things, it appears Santa will be launching on time in approximately 48 hours. Stay tuned and check back often. We’re at the point in Operation Merry Christmas where the news could begin to break quickly. Check back here soon.