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New Storm Bearing Down on the North Pole

The North Pole Weather Center has issued a winter storm warning for later today through Christmas morning. “It looks like a classic Christmas blizzard,” Elf Billy said. “It will make things hard to watch when Santa launches but it won’t stop or slow him down at all.”

The bigger question at this hour is what to do about all the snow. It has literally fallen for almost ten days straight and groundskeepers at the North Pole almost don’t know what to do with it all. Streets and sidewalks have been shoveled since the Big Storm passed a day or two ago but it is like walking through tunnels everywhere. They are working very hard to keep the ground level outside of Santa’s Stables. In roughly 37 hours or so folks will be gathered there to watch Santa launch. He needs a good 200 yards cleared to lift off and we have elves out there with shovels and bulldozers trying to keep things level.

There is still no sign of Elf Victor or any of the reindeer. I cannot locate Elf Quinton, who I am told is very busy. Someone has to know what is going on with the reindeer and I will make it my mission today to find out.

— Elf Ernest

New Storm Bearing Down on the North Pole 1