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Worries Mount as the North Pole is Running Out of Time

Worries Mount as the North Pole is Running Out of Time 1The bad weather at the North Pole has abated. The power is back on in all areas and many are out assessing the damage to the area and the condition of Operation Merry Christmas. The news has many people worried.

Over at Santa’s Stables Elf Victor is struggling to get the reindeer some exercise. “The snow is tremendous,” Elf Victor said. “Reindeer love snow and, of course, they have no problem flying in snowy skies. But all this snow on the ground is hard on them. They sink in the deep snow like anyone would and they cannot run and exercise as they like. We need to keep them sharp. They need to be ready for Santa. I am going to suggest we fly them out of town for a while.”

Elf Billy might have something to say about that. Over in the weather center they are tracking another big storm headed our way. “We have a bit of a break today but more snow is on the way. In fact, if I had to call it right now I’d say that Santa is going to fly out of here in a blizzard.”

But even that is not the big concern. Over in Santa’s workshop a new problem has come up. Elf Bernard says he can complete all the toys — if only every stays working around the clock. He has borrowed elves from several other departments: Wrapping, the Post Office, the Medical Center, Mrs. Claus kitchen staff, and, of course, all those elves who came in from other areas of the world. “What am I supposed to do?” Elf Wally was heard saying to Bernard earlier today. “All those toys have to be wrapped and tagged and packed in Santa’s sack and then in his sleigh. I need elves to get started or we will never make it!”

Elf Bernard could not be swayed. “If they leave the workshop to wrap presents there is a chance that some kids may not get toys they want for Christmas this year. I ask you, is it more important that a toy is wrapped than a toy is even made?”

Santa is going to have to get involved here. I am not sure what Santa is going to do.

— Elf Ernest