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Santa’s Workshop Struggles as Massive Storm Knocks Out Power

Santa's Workshop Struggles as Massive Storm Knocks Out Power 1With Christmas Eve just a week away we have good news and bad news to report from the North Pole today: the good news is that all of Santa’s elves and reindeer are safe. The added help Santa was hoping to give to the elves in the workshop and other areas of the North Pole have all arrived. The bad news is that they haven’t quite been put to work yet. Elf Bernard reports that power problems are one reason why things are not going smoothly.

“We have lost a couple more days getting ready for this storm and waiting for help to arrive,” Elf Bernard said. “I’ve never seen Santa’s workshop so far behind.” The elves who have arrived are all experienced workers. They brought their own tools. But without power they cannot work very much with those tools.

Elf Quinton, from Santa’s Research and Development Department, explained the problem: “The backup generators at the North Pole were designed to give us power to keep the lights on, to keep the refrigerators running, to power all the necessary appliances like furnaces. They were not designed to handled heavy equipment like drills or production machinery. Those boys in the workshop are going to have to do things by hand!”

But Elf Bernard says it is hopeless without power. “We are days and days behind in the workshop,” Elf Bernard said. “I need power and I need a lot of it. We need to be in high gear. We cannot be tightening screws with regular screw drivers. We cannot put together toys by hand at this point. I need power!”

It sounds pretty chaotic out there but I assure you that we will get this figured out. Santa for sure will hear about it. So do not fret.

Outside the weather is frightful indeed. All of Santa’s reindeer are resting from all the work of the last couple of days. Elf Victor says a day of rest today is fine but that he will need to find something for the reindeer to do tomorrow. He wants to keep them sharp for Santa’s flight.

— Elf Ernest