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Santa Rushes Help to Workshop as Storm Builds

Santa Rushes Help to Workshop as Storm Builds 1The snow is already starting to pile up at the North Pole. The winds that Elf Billy is predicting will hit us have not yet picked up and Santa is working with Elf Quinton and Elf Victor to rush more elves to the North Pole to help with things in Santa’s workshop.

“Santa wasted no time,” Elf Quinton said. “Just as you were sending out the news about the storm yesterday Santa was on the phone telling us what we needed to do. We have every old sleigh and every sleigh driver we can find headed south in all directions at this hour to shuttle these elves from other areas to the North Pole. Sleighs are flying everywhere.”

Elf Victor too was quite excited to report the news. “We have nearly every reindeer working right now. This is so good for them to get in real work just before Christmas like this,” Elf Victor said. “There is no better training than a real emergency for a reindeer.”

Since we broke the news of the storm yesterday we have been flooded with mail about the reindeer and the concerns kids have especially for the babies. I want you to know that Elf Victor says all of the reindeer babies are perfectly safe. “They are in the barns already and there is plenty of food. They will be safe and warm. About the only thing we are worried about is how long the storm will go on and what we will do to keep them entertained.” Elf Victor said. “Babies like to play just like grown-up reindeer and it is hard to be inside for a long time. That will be the real challenge.”

Other areas of the North Pole are in a frenzy in advance of the storm. Power generators, firewood and even batteries are being rounded up and inventoried. Mrs. Claus says there is plenty of food, plenty of blankets and warm clothes. She is concerned if Santa, Elf Quinton and Elf Victor can get all the elves from the South Pole, South America and Europe here in time to avoid the storm. “We’re talking thousands of elves,” Mrs. Claus said. “That is a lot of work and I hope they are safe.”

— Elf Ernest