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Massive Snow Storm Bears Down on the North Pole

Massive Snow Storm Bears Down on the North Pole 1Santa’s big plans for added help at the North Pole might just have to wait. Elf Billy is warning of big trouble with an approaching storm. Early this morning Santa’s Weather Center issued a level 1 winter storm warning for the North Pole for the first time since 1824. He took a few minutes to explain to me what was coming our way.

“It’s the worst case scenario” Elf Billy said. “We don’t get hurricane’s here at the North Pole but this is the equivalent of a category 5 storm. The outer bands of the storm will hit in less than 72 hours and it’s going to be a slow mover. Right now we are predicting it will take at least 60 hours for the entire system to move over us. We could see sustained winds well over 100 mph for at least a significant part of that time. The system also has the potential to produce over 100 feet of snow. It could literally bury the entire North Pole. This isn’t a storm to be taken lightly. We have survived them in the past but we have to start getting ready right now.”

Elf Bernard was not going to take that news very well.

“This isn’t going to be fun” Elf Bernard said. “I would normally shut down the workshop and send all of the elves to their designated storm shelters but we are just too far behind to do that. As much as I don’t want to do it, we are going to work through it here in the workshop. I’m having cots and emergency supplies brought in so the elves don’t have to leave while the storm is raging outside. We also have the advantage of having the underground tunnels to the wrapping department and to the present storage building. So if something should happen we will be able to use them to get out of the building.”

Next I headed over to the Wrapping Department to find Elf Wally and to see what his plans were.

“I think we have to risk it like Elf Bernard” Wally said. “There’s just no way that we can take that much time off and be ready for Christmas Eve. Our building was designed to be a shelter in case of a storm like this so I don’t think we will have any problems but I’m going to sit down with my staff and work out some emergency plans just in case.”

As I left Wally’s office I noticed a steady stream of reindeer leaving the North Pole so I headed over to Elf Victor’s office to see exactly what his plan was.

“I’m sending all of the reindeer down into the plains of Canada” Elf Victor told me. “I’ll send some of my staff with them but the majority are going to stay here. We are in charge of prepping for a storm like this. We need to get everything that isn’t bolted down inside one of our barns.” When I asked him about Santa’s plans to bring elves up to the North Pole to help Elf Bernard he only said he didn’t know about that now.

Mrs. Claus and her staff are busy getting things ready for food and supplies to ride out the storm. Elf Hugo over in the North Pole post office is already shutting things down. “We will have to handle things electronically for a few days. This storm is too dangerous and our help is needed to make the North Pole safe for a few days. This will definitely slow things down for Santa’s mail, both coming in and going out.”

There are many details to discuss because of this storm. Standby for breaking news as it happens.

– Elf Ernest