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North Pole Post Office Urges Use of Stocking Mail

North Pole Post Office Urges Use of Stocking Mail 1With just a little under 2 weeks left to Christmas, Elf Hugo is asking the Children of the world start using stocking mail to send in their letters to Santa.

“There just isn’t enough time left to get the letters in and entered into the system if they send them regular mail” Hugo Said. “The North Pole isn’t on your normal postal routes. It takes an average of 10 days to get letters here and even more from some remote locations when sent through the postal service. That is why we want kids to use stocking mail.”

I asked Hugo to explain how to use stocking mail just in case some of the people out there haven’t heard of it before.

“Stocking mail is just what it sounds like” Hugo replied. “Just before a child goes to bed they put their letter to Santa in their stocking. Then overnight it gets transported to the North Pole. Don’t ask me how it works because even I don’t know. Every year I ask Santa exactly how the letters get here and every year Santa just winks and says on the wish of a child. Maybe when I get as old as Elf Gloria he will tell me.”

Tomorrow I will have big news for you, I think. There is a lot going on here at the North Pole.

-Elf Ernest