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Reindeer Babies Being Born in Record Numbers

Reindeer Babies Being Born in Record Numbers 1We’re having babies at the North Pole — lots and lots of babies! Baby reindeer, that is. Just like last year there are a great many baby reindeer joining the ranks of Santa’s reindeer during the Christmas season. Elf Victor is very, very excited.

“These babies will be competing in the Reindeer games two years from now. They are just so tiny and cute!” Elf Victor said. “Two Christmas seasons ago when Santa needed all those reindeer to help with Operation Merry Christmas they were here for months after the season. Santa let them rest after that busy Christmas and then we had a big, big snow storm that lasted like two months. By the time things cleared up there were so many mama reindeer expecting babies that Santa let them stay. We had to expand the barns to make room for all the reindeer and then when those babies were born last year we had to build more. The poor guys from Santa’s workshop didn’t get much rest after Christmas last year!”

Santa stopped by to look in on all the youngsters after the meeting the other day. He couldn’t believe how many there were. “Ernest,” he said to me. “Get me some help in giving all these babies some names! Can you do that?”

So, here is what we need to do: go to this page and submit a name you think would be good for Santa to use for one of his baby reindeer. It doesn’t matter if it is a boy name or a girl name. Santa needs your suggestion. He will look through your suggestions with his other mail and, like so many other things, he will make a list. And each time he visits the Baby barns with all the reindeer at the North Pole he will take his list and name the babies.

— Elf Ernest