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Santa Takes A Break to Lead Christmas Devotional

Santa came home very, very late last night. In fact it was actually very early this morning when Santa came in. He was bone tired…but very happy.

Today is a day of rest at the North Pole. The Workshop is dark and every workstation is empty, the tools the elves use are all sitting quietly on workbenches. Mrs. Claus’ kitchen is dark today too, though the smell of fresh sugar cookies hangs in the air from when Mrs. Claus was up late waiting for Santa to come home. Over at Santa’s Stables the reindeer are resting from a very busy week at the reindeer games and even in Santa’s Weather Center there are no elves working. Everyone is resting, except for the few doctors and nurses at the North Pole Medical Center who are taking care of the sick elves.

Later during the day, after Santa has had a good long nap, we will all gather at the North Pole Chapel for the annual Christmas Devotional. This is when Santa will tell us the Christmas story from the Bible, as he does every year. It is a tradition we greatly enjoy. We will sing Christmas carols together and, if the weather allows, take that Christmas caroling outside as we stroll to look at the lights here at the North Pole. It is a more quiet celebration of Christmas, one we all really enjoy each season.

Elf Quinton actually took Santa’s new sleigh on another test run tonight when he went down to the United States to pick up Santa (Santa was at a party there late Saturday). On the way back to the North Pole he asked Santa about taking tomorrow off. Elf Quinton was worried about the readiness of Operation Merry Christmas after what has clearly been a trying week at the North Pole.

“Rest and good health are very important when you are so busy,” Santa told him. “Our work is never done and if we work hard and stay healthy and keep our efforts focused on serving people it doesn’t matter if we get done on time. Too many people get caught up in getting everything done before Christmas and they do it to the point that they forget to have fun and to enjoy people at Christmas. I won’t do that.” Santa said. “Sunday will be a good day, an important day. I’m not worried about Operation Merry Christmas. It will be fine.”

I’m glad Santa said that. I have to tell you, folks here at the North Pole have become worried this week, just as Elf Quinton told Santa he was worried. I know many of you are worried too. We have seen your emails and your texts and your letters. You have been reading the news and telling us how worried you are. But I will tell you this: if Santa is not worried then I’m not worried. We have been through many Christmases and lots of things happen.

Today will be a good day. We hope it is a good day where you are too.

— Elf Ernest

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