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Urgent Call for Santa’s Secret Spies

Urgent Call for Santa's Secret Spies 1It is still very early in Operation Merry Christmas. But it has been a rough week at the North Pole and now it appears concerns are growing. Early this morning Elf Agent X called a meeting of the top elves from every department. I was in that meeting and I cannot really tell you what it was all about. But we all agreed that Elf Agent X needed to take up the matter with Santa right away. As you know, Elf Agent X is Santa’s Director of Secret Spies.

Santa’s Secret Spies are folks just like you. In fact, if you’re not a secret spy for Santa, you should sign up. As a secret spy for Santa your job is to be Santa’s eyes and ears where you live. Your job is to report to the North Pole any suspicious behavior or hazards in your area. Santa has millions of secret spies around the world but he always needs more.

Actually, after meeting with Elf Agent X yesterday, Santa needs A LOT more secret spies.

If you are already one of Santa’s secret spies you need to know that there is an effort out there to stop Santa this year. That’s all I can or will tell you about it. But we need your help. Become a secret spy — it is your first step in becoming one of Santa’s Elves.

We will keep you posted as best we can about this part of Operation Merry Christmas. Nothing you have read this week is more serious than this. Not the snafu in the Wrapping Department. Not the problems in Santa’s Workshop. Not even the issue of the Bah Humbug Virus is more serious than the need for more secret spies. You can help save Christmas. Please join us!

— Elf Ernest