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Weather Forecast for Epic Storm at the North Pole

Weather Forecast for Epic Storm at the North Pole 1Elf Billy, head of the North Pole Weather and Santa Tracking Department, warns that a major storm complex is headed towards the North Pole. It is a forecast difficult to believe because the weather so far this year has been mild. Temperatures have been cold, as is usual at the North Pole for this time of year, but the snow has been very light.

Elf Billy painted a gloomy picture of the coming weather. “The weather for the next 10 days looks beautiful but once we get into the 11 to 16 day time frame, things take a turn for the worse.” he explained.

“It looks like two massive low front systems are going to come together over the North Pole. All indications are that this will touch off a massive storm that will be worse than anything we have seen in the last century. In fact, if the models prove correct there will be enough moisture to produce well over 70 feett of snow. We could see winds gusting well over 100 mph. It could completely bury the North Pole. It will definitely shut us down for days. No one will be able to get in or out. The only good news is that the storm should clear out by the time Santa takes off but the damage could be done by then.”

Santa receives Elf Billy’s weather reports every day on his smartphone. He has called an emergency meeting of Santa’s Council tomorrow to discuss what needs to be done to prepare for the storm.

This is the third big wrinkle in the effort of Operation Merry Christmas so far this year. Elf Bernard and team are still fighting the Bah Humbug Virus. Elf Wally is grappling with a Wrapping Department snafu that has slowed them down. And now an epic storm is bearing down on the North Pole. Can things possibly get worse?

— Elf Ernest