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All About Your Christmas Tree

Researchers here at the North Pole have concluded that the first week of December is the most popular week for people to set up and decorate their Christmas trees. It has also been our tradition, at Santa’s request, that we talk to you about your Christmas tree. This year I sat down with Elf Gloria, Santa’s Commissioner of Traditions here at the North Pole, to help explain the importance of the Christmas tree.

“Evergreen trees have always been sacred.” Elf Gloria explained. “Even in the harshest of winter months the trees keep their needles and that led our ancestors to use them as a symbol of hope and everlasting life. As time moved on their branches were brought inside to make wreaths and garland, and later folks started to bring full sized trees into the home. The decorations and ways we light the tree have changed over the years but one thing has remained the same. The Christmas tree is the heart of the home at Christmas time.”

I asked Elf Gloria what advice she had for everyone when it came to Christmas trees and she said there are 6 things that everyone needs to remember:

1) Trees are living creatures and every living creature deserves a name. Santa always names his tree. Santa’s tree this year is named “Larry”.

2) Trees love a a lot of water but they don’t like the heat. So be sure to water them daily and keep them away from heat vents, radiators, and fire places.

3) Trees love laughter, music and being included in family time. Be sure to sing around your tree often.

4) Trees love to be smelled.

5) Trees love to be decorated with homemade ornaments and garlands. It makes them feel like a part of the family.

6) Artificial trees are Christmas trees, too. There are some places where real trees just won’t grow. So make sure to follow all of the suggestions above even if your tree isn’t real. (Well, all of them expect for the one about watering. Artificial trees don’t need to be watered.)

I asked Elf Gloria about the people who couldn’t even get a artificial tree. “A Christmas tree can be made out of anything” Elf Gloria replied. “I’ve seen people decorate coat racks. I’ve seen people decorate ladders. I’ve seen people lash sticks together to make a Christmas tree. It doesn’t matter what your Christmas tree looks like or how big it is. What matters is that you treat it like a member of your family and hold the joy of Christmas in your heart.”

There you have it. If you’ve set up your Christmas tree already or are getting ready to set it up soon, make sure you follow this simple advice to make your Christmas that much more special.

-Elf Ernest