Elf Choir Says the Show Will Go On

For seven years the elf choir has tried to hold their annual Christmas concert on the 22nd of December and for seven years the concert has been cancelled. Everyone is just too busy to attend and the elves in the choir are needed elsewhere at that time. So when I heard some rumors this morning that Elf Janene was considering moving the date I wasn’t too shocked. I headed over to the auditorium to see if I the rumors were true.

“Move the date?” Elf Janene replied. “I’d never do that. For centuries the Christmas concert was held on the 22nd. We’ve just had some bad luck since we started the new choir. I have faith that this year we will be able to perform. In fact I think the show is going to be so popular that I’ve arranged to have 2 concerts that night. One at 7pm and another at 9pm. All of the members have worked extremely hard this year and I think they are going to blow everyone away. In fact, I predict there will be a line of elves waiting outside the record store on the morning of the 23rd wanting to buy our new live album.”

I asked Elf Janene if she had heard about the flu outbreak in the workshop and if any of her members were among the sick.

“One of my elves told me about that earlier today” Elf Janene replied “but as far as I know it hasn’t hit any of the choir members yet. Even if a couple of them did come down with it though, they would still be okay by the time the concert got here. The lost practice time might hurt us but the elves all know their parts and dance moves. So we could still pull it off without a problem.”

So there you have it everyone. The choir isn’t going to move the date of the concert and Elf Janene believes that this will finally be the year that they get to perform.

-Elf Ernest