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Name Santa’s Sleigh

Now that we have heard from Elf Quinton about the sleigh for this year it’s time for another very important step in the process of getting the sleigh ready for flight: Choosing a name.

After hundreds of years naming the sleigh himself Santa started a new tradition a few years ago. He started asking the children of the world to help him.

“I was running out of ideas” Santa said. “I was just standing there looking at the sleigh a few years ago and couldn’t come up with a good name for it. I had used the same names over and over and over. I just wanted something new. So I decided it was time to bring in some fresh blood and I thought who better than the children. That decision has paid off better than I could have ever imagined. We get millions of suggestions every year and that can actually make my job even harder. The kids just come up with so many good names that sometimes it’s hard to pick one.”

Before you send in you suggestions there are some rules that Santa wants everyone to know.

-The name must female and submitted before December 23rd.

-The winning name won’t necessarily be the one with the most submissions. It will be the one that Santa thinks best fits the personality of the sleigh.

-Finally the people who suggest the winning name will not receive any prizes besides the satisfaction of knowing that Santa picked their name.

So there you have it kids. You have plenty of time to get your submissions in, so think long and hard before clicking on the link below to enter you submission.

Name Santa’s Sleigh

-Elf Ernest