Who will win the Golden Light Bulb?

Who will win the Golden Light Bulb? 1The North Pole Lighting Contest has long been one of the fiercest competitions here at the North Pole. The serious contenders spend all year planning and building their displays. Then in the weeks leading up to the contest they spend every free minute making sure that every light bulb is in exactly the right spot and that no bulbs are burned out. Finally late Thanksgiving night after the feast is over and most elves are home in bed, they light up their full displays for the first time to make sure everything is set for tonight’s lighting ceremony and contest.

I took a walk around town last night while the test lighting’s were going on to scope out the competition and all I can say is I’m glad I’m not a judge. Everyone has definitely stepped up their games this year. Here are some of my favorites.

Elf Hank, last year’s returning champion, looks to be in the running again. He has replaced last years animated figurines with a computer controlled display. While these displays are common in other parts of the world this is a first for the North Pole. The weather here has proven to harsh for the electronics’ to survive in the past but Hank promises me, that he has figured out a way to keep them going all season. If they last his display will be the one to beat.

Elf William looks to be a first time contender. His display of animated snowflakes singing let it snow and dancing gift boxes shows what a truly gifted craftsman can do with some leftovers from the sleigh department. His yard and house are also beautifully lit with a mixture of twinkling and chasing light strands.

Elf Kristin has gone for the quantity approach this year. Every square inch of her house and yard are covered in led lights. There are red on the walls, green on the roof, white on the yard, and she even made some flowers out of yellow and purple lights.

Who will the winner be? I’m not even going to attempt to guess. Santa and Mrs. Claus will judge all of the entries tonight after the official lighting ceremony are conducted downtown. So make sure you check in tomorrow to see who wins the Golden Light Bulb for this year.

-Elf Ernest