North Pole Gathers for Festive Halloween Party

North Pole Gathers for Festive Halloween Party 1It is Halloween at the North Pole and we’re expecting a big crowd tonight.

The theme for this year’s party is “Noah’s Ark” and we expect to see a lot of animal costumes this year. Santa decided to use a theme for this year’s party in hopes that the elves would not be so competitive in the costume contest. We will see. Elves tend to take Halloween costuming very seriously.

Mrs. Claus has also announced that the traditional Halloween food fight will be a planned affair this year. She is allowing squirt guns and even super-soakers to be used but she says they can only be filled with water this year — no Kool-aid or punch can be used this year in the wet weapons. That disappointed a few elves. However, Santa insisted that the elves be allowed to use other food fire arms like marshmallow guns, jello launchers and pie catapults.

It ought to be a messy and fun time tonight!

What about you? Are you celebrating Halloween this year?

Check back tomorrow for a full report about how things went at the North Pole Halloween party.