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Santa Visits Ships at Sea as He Rockets North to Greenland

Santa might be moving at a slightly slower pace but he’s still working. Even the tiniest ships in the Atlantic are getting visits from Santa at this time as he heads to Greenland.

Meanwhile, out of Europe and Africa, where Santa’s visits are complete, a mass migration of elves is underway and they make their way by sleigh back to the North Pole to join the Christmas Eve Party at the Claus residence.

The Wrapping Department has completed their work now and all from over there at now at the Christmas Party too.

So it’s all up to Santa and the A-Team now.

— Elf Ernest

Bedtime Warnings: Quebec, North East Canada, Nova Scotia, Buffalo, Niagra Falls, Montpelier, Hartford, Pittsburgh, Wheeling, Alexandria, Charlotte, Tallahassee, Atlanta, Memphis, Knoxville, Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Trenton, Columbus, Lousiville, Toronto

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