He’s flying high and he’s flying fast. And he has a military escort made up of free nations around the world and armed to the teeth. With him are sixteen sleighs from Elf Agent X’s department, which is charged with protecting Santa. When you hear all of that, you know that Santa must be in Iran.

Iran is one of those countries whose government is not friendly to Santa Claus. But there are a lot of believers there and a lot of good kids. Santa never passes them by. So he gets a big escort and works very quickly. Mark Tehran off your list of visited cities at this hour.

Oh, by the way, Mrs. Claus was rescued in the past hour as well and is now on her way back to the North Pole and is already using the radio to start up the Christmas Party at the Claus residence again once she arrives home.

— Elf Ernest

Bedtime Warning: Iceland

Santa is in Iran 1