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Santa Delays Flight, Blames Supersonic Sleigh

Santa just called. He said he was still in bed and looking forward to sleeping just a little bit longer. He said that since testing out the new sleigh he doesn’t have to leave as early as he has in years past. In fact, he’s afraid of getting bored because this year’s sleigh is so fast. He first called the Tracking Center to get an update on the weather and then he called Elf Victor and told him not to wake the reindeer yet.

How long of a delay remains to be seen.

We know this means many people from around the world will flood the North Pole with calls and emails of concern. This is what has happened in years past when there has been a delay. Please don’t worry. This delay is under Santa’s control. He asked for it. He must know that deliveries will happen on time.

We recommend eating some Christmas cookies, drinking some hot cocoa and reading a good Christmas book while we wait for Santa’s launch.

— Elf Ernest

Santa Delays Flight, Blames Supersonic Sleigh 1

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