Our last report notwithstanding we still have to report that Santa and the reindeer remain resting at this hour. I spoke to Elf Victor a little while ago and he said Santa was very clear that he was not to awaken the reindeer until Santa calls him again.

“I’m sitting here in my office in the barn,” Elf Victor said. “I’m watching a Christmas movie while I wait for the phone to ring. The reindeer are all in their warm, dimly lit stalls and Christmas music is softly playing overhead. When the call comes in I will gently awaken them and give them fresh water and a little bit to eat. Then we will hitch them to the sleigh after first doing a few stretching exercises.”

Elf Victor is thinking this delay could go on for a while. Elf Quinton thinks it will too. He just got back from a meeting with Elf Billy.

“I gave Billy the test results from our last run with the new sleigh,” Elf Quinton said. “Elf Billy took one look at the speeds and said ‘No wonder, Santa is napping — this sleigh is going to break all records!’. I think he is right. It won’t be Christmas morning anywhere in the world for hours and Santa just can’t leave to early. So it is a good thing he is waiting.”

— Elf Ernest

Santa and Reindeer Still Napping 1