Santa is all over the map in his deliveries. Kathmandu is now reporting as well as tiny villages at the base of Mt. Everest. It is expected that Santa will slow down a little as he heads north into Russia. The middle east is coming up in the next few hours and this is always a problematic part of the world for Santa.

At the North Pole, the workshop is in a frenzy. Sleigh are being loaded with toys, wrapping paper, tape and elves at the rate of one every four minutes. As the sleigh flies the elves are wrapping gifts as they go along.

“We’ve never gone mobile with our wrapping before,” Elf Wally told me. “I’ve got some of my best elves spread out there throughout the world wrapping presents on the go. I hope they’re ok. Do you know how hard it is to keep track of wrapping paper at high speeds?”

— Elf Ernest

Bedtime warning: Beirut

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