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Flight Delay Stretches in 2nd Hour

Flight Delay Stretches in 2nd Hour 1

Santa’s flight delay is now headed into it’s second hour. There has been no word of Santa and no change in his status or that of the reindeer. They continue to be asleep at this time.

However, we remind you that we have had two bedtime warnings to far — and that means that Santa cannot be too long in waiting to launch.

“I’m glad Santa is getting a little more rest,” said Mrs. Claus, who herself has not slept much the past few days. “He works very hard and he has a long day ahead of him so these past couple of hours have been important.” Mrs. Claus plans to get a little rest once Santa takes off, if she can.

If anything changes, we’ll let you know.

— Elf Ernest

Bedtime Warnings for: South Pole, Tonga, Fiji, all of New Zealand

Flight Delay Stretches in 2nd Hour 2