A cheer went up at Santa’s Workshop and in the Wrapping Department when the announcement went over the loudspeak that Santa would delay his launch. Elf Bernard calls the delay “a blessing” as he kept the Workshop busy. The Wrapping Department, as Elf Wally says, can only work as fast as the Workshop puts it out. So he’s happy too.

But the guys over in Santa’s Tracking Center are NOT happy at this hour. They are having to recalculate Santa’s entire flight. They are really scrambling over there.

Meanwhile, Elf Grumbles is leading a sing-a-long with the elf families gathered at the barnyard to see Santa off. Elf Billy says a new storm is about to roll in and he’s working with Mrs. Claus to figure where to put everyone to watch Santa’s launch if he has to take off in a heavy snow. Elf Billy says it could be blowing snow like crazy outside and it won’t mean a thing to Santa and the reindeer but with small elf children out to watch Santa take off he knows that Mrs. Claus will want them inside somewhere.

We don’t know how long of a delay we’re looking at but once we know, we’ll let you know.

— Elf Ernest

Elves Happy Santa is Delayed 1