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Elf Gloria Declares the Bells Perfectly Tuned

At this point we would usually be talking about Santa’s final inspection of the sleigh before taking off. But since there’s been a delay we have the opportunity to tell you a little more detail about the preparation for the sleigh.

Each year a new sleigh is used and with the new sleigh always comes new sleigh bells. Sleigh bells are a very important part of Santa’s sleigh. The purpose of the bells is to help the reindeer. The reindeer have to move in unison, like a well-coordinated machine. Together they power the sleigh and it won’t work if they aren’t working together. The movement of the sleigh tells the reindeer of their rhythm and without the bells they stand in danger of falling out of synch.

Santa has more than 19,000 bells and all of them are specifically designed to render a certain sound. He calls the sleigh one of the most complex musical instruments in the world.

And you thought it just hauled presents!

Santa has Elf Gloria, a very elderly elf whose job it is to see that the bells are perfectly tuned and prepared for flight. Elf Gloria, in front of a cheering crowd gathered to watch Santa’s flight, has just declared the bells ready.

— Elf Ernest

Elf Gloria Declares the Bells Perfectly Tuned 1