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Christmas Morning Approaches in the Far East

With Santa scheduled to launch in about an hour we’re receiving reports of festive Christmas Eve celebrations taking place around the world. In fact, in the Far East it is nearly bed-time and the end of Christmas Eve celebrations and in the West Christmas Eve celebrations are yet to begin. We are about to embark on a 30-hour journey of following Santa Claus around the world.

Over at the Sleigh Barn the final preparations are being made for the sleigh. Elf Bernard is conferring with Elf Quinton about the first load. Meanwhile, elves in Santa’s Tracking Department are coordinating the airlift of sleigh after sleigh direct from Santa’s workshop for places unknown. They are taking future loads for Santa and will coordinate with him through out his flight to replenish the frieght he will be hauling on the sleigh through out the next 30 hours.

The Santa Updates will be coming fast and furious now….Operation Merry Christmas is about to enter the launch phase. Stay tuned.

— Elf Ernest

Christmas Morning Approaches in the Far East 1