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Workshop, Tracking and Wrapping Still Hard at Work

As the hours to countdown continue to fall the eyes of the world remain on the North Pole. The world wants to know if Santa will be ready in time.

At this hour I’ve checked in with nearly all departments. The Workshop lights continue to be on and things are buzzing there at a very high rate of speed. There has been no let up since the last time we checked with them. I asked Elf Bernard if we were going to make it and he gave me the thumbs up sign.

The Wrapping Department isn’t feeling as confident. “Somebody sent tooth fairies over here and you can’t have those little guys over here with those wings! Wings and tape do not go together!” Elf Wally exclaimed, looking like he was ready to pull his hair out. Elf Hugo is sending a large crew of North Pole postal workers over to the Wrapping Department to help. The Wrapping Department is usually the last one done each Christmas.

Things are just starting to get serious in the Tracking Department as Elf Billy and his team are checking weather conditions around the world and receiving reports from elves stationed all over about current conditions. They are recommending that Santa take a close look at Japan and weather near the Philippines. Santa isn’t awake right now, of course, but he will be given the latest information when he does wake up in a few hours.

— Elf Ernest

Workshop, Tracking and Wrapping Still Hard at Work 1