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Santa Heads in for a Long Winter’s Nap

I was walking over to the stables a few minutes ago when I ran into Santa. He said that he was just checking on the team one last time before he went to bed. He said the next time he will see them is when he walks out to get in the sleigh. I asked him how the reindeer where doing.

“They are doing wonderful.” Santa told me. “They are in great shape and ready to go. I told them to get some rest because we’re going to have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. They have all been through this before so they know what they need to do.”

I asked Santa if there was anything worrying him or that could delay him at this point.

“There’s nothing that will keep me from launching on time.” Santa told me. “The workshop is gaining ground and it looks like they will get done before I take off. The main reindeer teams are now healthy and ready to go. Elf Quinton is over in the sleigh barn giving the sleigh its final waxing. The bells are being tuned. If she flies like she did in the test flights we’ll set all kinds of speed records this year. The only thing that I’m worried about is that I might go to0 fast and be forced to fly in circles while I wait for the kids to go to bed.”

With that Santa told me goodnight and headed home to get some rest before he launches. The launch is scheduled for roughly 12 hours from now.

— Elf Ernest

Santa Heads in for a Long Winter's Nap 1