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Mrs. Claus Cranks Out a Record Volume of Sugar Cookies

We’ve been so busy here at the North Pole that it has been a while since we checked in on Mrs. Claus. This is one of the biggest days of the year for her because she personally oversees getting Santa ready to fly. With all the reindeer problems Mrs. Claus hasn’t seen much of Santa to get him ready.

“Mrs. Claus insists that Santa is properly fed and rested before he flies,” Elf Gloria, the North Pole Commissioner of Christmas Traditions told me. “Just as Elf Victor has to get the reindeer ready to go so too does Mrs. Claus have to make sure everything is ready for Santa. If he isn’t rested she won’t let him go.”

By this point Santa is usually in the Claus residence getting rest or taking a long nap ahead of his ride. But he isn’t there yet. Besides the reindeer he is also checking out the sleigh and, I believe, trying to answer mail from the kids. “Santa really shouldn’t do that,” Elf Hugo, of the North Pole post office, said. “We can let Santa know if something really important comes in.”

But Mrs. Claus has been too busy to even notice that Santa is late getting in. She’s been pretty busy herself, making sugar cookies by the thousands. The need is obvious. She’s got to keep the cookies coming to help the elves in the Workshop and the Wrapping Department keep up to speed, she’s got to pack cookies onto the sleigh for Santa and, of course, she has to have enough cookies produced for the North Pole Christmas Eve party that gets underway just as soon as Santa heads out of town.

According to elves in the kitchen, Mrs. Claus has had her ovens going non-stop since last Monday, baking cookies at an impossible pace. In fact, it is believed that she has set a new record for cookie volume this week.

We will keep you informed. We’re approaching under 14 hours until Santa lifts off.

— Elf Ernest

Mrs. Claus Cranks Out a Record Volume of Sugar Cookies 1