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More Good News: Blitzen and Dasher Doing Better

More Good News: Blitzen and Dasher Doing Better 1Blitzen and Dasher were seen just moments ago romping together in the meadow as the snow is falling gently here at the North Pole. They were as happy as two reindeer could be, running and jumping and bumping heads. Like kids on Christmas, I swear I’ve never seen two happier reindeer.

But I can’t find anyone to explain to me what is going on. Rudolph is still flying circles over the North Pole, stretching his legs faster and faster like he is warming up for an Olympic competition. Elf Victor can’t be found and neither can Santa. I don’t understand it. There aren’t any other reindeer to be seen other than Rudolph, Blitzen and Dasher but these three of Santa’s A-Team are all very excited and looking healthy.

Meanwhile, over at Santa’s Workshop a shift has definitely occurred as Elf Bernard is now sending elves over to the Wrapping Department to lend a hand. That is a sign that the momentum of Operation Merry Christmas is finally starting to move in the right direction.

When there is more news to explain what is going on here, I’ll get it out to you.

— Elf Ernest