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Good news! Rudolph Flying Around the North Pole

Rudolph was among the 5 A-team reindeer to be diagnosed with the Sleigh Bell Virus yesterday but just moments ago I saw him flying laps around the flagpole in the middle of the North Pole. I couldn’t believe it so I rushed over to the stables to see if I actually saw what I thought I saw. The first person I ran into was Elf Billy in the street outside of my office. I stopped and asked him if he had just seen a reindeer flying around the flagpole.

“I saw it and I could have sworn that it was Rudolph.” Billy told me. “That can’t be though. I saw him in the stables this morning and he could barely stand up. Elf Victor told me less than 30 minutes ago that they still hadn’t figured out a way to treat the sick reindeer and that it looked like the virus would last at least 2 weeks before it ran its course.”

I let Billy go and continued on to the stables. When I got there the doors were all locked up. I tried knocking but no one answered. I continued on to Victor’s office but he was nowhere to be found. I also couldn’t find Santa or Dr. Spock. So I’m not sure what’s happening but there is definitely something going on over at the stables.

This has to be good news!

— Elf Ernest