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Elf Families Begin Gathering for Santa’s Launch

Elf Families Begin Gathering for Santa's Launch 1For some, it might be reminiscent of gathering to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July. Folks come out of their homes, carrying lawn chairs and bringing food, all smiling and festively greeting others looking for a big show in the sky very soon.

Except this is the North Pole, these are elves, and it is snowing and everyone is wearing hats, coats, gloves and Christmas smiles. For many, many elves here at the North Pole, this is the magic moment they’ve waited for all year: to watch Santa take off.

Of course, we still have many elves working at this hour. Santa’s workshop hasn’t finished. The guys working on the sleigh, in Weather tracking, in Wrapping, at Santa’s Stables and in Mrs. Claus’ kitchen are all still hard at work. But the folks in the post office, the accounting and elf resources department, the training department, the department of redundancy department, the outdoor illumination department and other areas of the North Pole where the work is done are starting to gather. Some are bringing camp stoves or barbeques to cook up warm food while others are bringing their thermoses filled with hot chocolate while they sit and wait for Santa to leave.

Santa’s launch is just hours away.

— Elf Ernest

Elf Families Begin Gathering for Santa's Launch 2