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Santa’s Workshop Still Behind Schedule with Just Hours to Go

We are now under 48 hours until takeoff and the reports coming out of the workshop are not good. The production has picked up with the arrival of the Tooth Fairies but they are still behind schedule. I managed to get a quick interview with Elf Bernard in the middle of the madness.

“Things are not looking good.” Bernard said. “If we continue at the rate we are going we will be done on the 26th. That’s obviously not going to work. I’ve sent out an additional call for help. I have every elf here at the North Pole that’s not doing a vital job coming in. Even Mrs. Claus is on her way over to help for a while. The Tooth Fairies have also called for additional help. They are telling me that they should be able to bring in at least 100 more fairies before the end of the day. I’m just hoping that it will be enough. I’m also worried now that kids who are losing teeth are going to be delayed in getting visits from the Tooth Fairies. This is just crazy.”

I also checked in with Elf Victor and he reports that 200 more reindeer have become sick since this morning.

“The new reindeer are from another barn so that has all of us scared.” Elf Victor told me. “They haven’t been in contact with the other sick reindeer and we are sure that they haven’t been exposed to the infected hay. This could mean that somehow the elves going from one barn to another have spread the disease. So I now have all elves confined to the barns they are working in. We just can’t afford for more reindeer to get sick at this point.”

Adding to our difficulties here at the North Pole is a winter storm that just hit us with howling winds and swirling snow. We’re used to snow here, of course, and we are prepared for any storm. But storms every where slow things down a little bit and that’s the last thing we need right now.

— Elf Ernest