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Santa Tends to Reindeer Personally

With just hours to go until liftoff Santa should be working with Elf Billy on finalizing his route and receiving all of the latest weather updates. Instead Santa is in the stables personally tending to all of the sick reindeer. I tried to get an interview with Santa but he said that he was just too busy at the moment. So I tracked down Elf Victor to see what exactly Santa was up to.

“He has been going from stall to stall talking to the reindeer and petting them.” Elf Victor told me. “Reindeer are smart animals and they know that they are too sick to fly. They also know that Santa needs them and if they can’t go that is going to leave Santa in a bind. Especially the sick reindeer from the A and B teams. So Santa is spending some time with each of the reindeer telling them it’s going to be okay. You can see their moods shift as soon as Santa starts talking to them. They become more energetic. They’re not as depressed as they were just a few hours ago. Santa is also giving the reindeer a special treat. I don’t know what it is but he said he always carries it with him on Christmas Eve for the reindeer. ”

Over in workshop Elf Bernard tells me that they are gaining speed. “We are picking up speed and according to my newest calculations we may be able to get done sometime late on the 24th. That would mean constant resupply sleighs out to Santa but we would get done before Christmas arrives. Obviously with all of the sick reindeer that could be a problem so we are still looking into ways that we can increase production. The elves and tooth fairies have been working for days without sleep but their spirits are still high thanks to an endless supply of Mrs. Claus’s sugar cookies and hot chocolate. I’m just hoping they can dig deep and give me that last burst of energy now that we have entered the home stretch.”

— Elf Ernest