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New Sleigh Must Have Healthy Reindeer to Fly

It’s late at night here at the North Pole but I ran across Elf Quinton pacing outside of his office. I could tell that something was bothering him so I stopped and asked him what was wrong.

“I just finished with the finishing touches on the sleigh.” Elf Quinton told me. “I will give it a final polish tomorrow right before we roll it out to get hooked up to the reindeer. With the new design though the sleigh must have at least 9 healthy reindeer to fly. With a full sleigh the aerodynamics may actually cause it to drift to one side if one of the reindeer isn’t pulling at full strength. That could lead to Santa getting thousands of miles off track during just one of his north to south runs on Christmas Eve. That could have a disastrous effect on the overall timeline. With half of the A-team and 6 of the B-team reindeer now sick we may be forced to use reindeer that have never even worked together before. I just don’t know if we will be able to use the new sleigh if the 2 main teams don’t get healthy before takeoff tomorrow morning.”

In other news Elf Bernard says that they are making progress in the workshop. “I project that we should be able to get everything done by Christmas morning now.” Bernard told me. “That is obviously still too late. We have to find a way to increase production today. We are entering the final hours and it just has to get done. We have never failed before and I won’t let it happen this year.”

— Elf Ernest