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Blitzen Appears to Be Feeling Better

With all the news coming out today and late yesterday about Santa’s reindeer I forgot to ask Elf Victor how Blitzen is doing. We reported last week that Blitzen had fallen ill at that time. No other reindeer got sick after him until Dasher went down so we all kind of forgot about it.

“Blizten is doing a lot better,” Elf Victor said. “In fact, we’re looking into it to see if his sickness is related to what Dasher and the other reindeer are going through now. There are some similarities but I don’t think Blitzen ever got as sick as Dasher seems to be. He never had a fever, and Dasher does. So I just don’t know. Elf Dr. Lionel says the tests take time to figure this stuff out. We’re running out of time!”

The urgency and concern in Elf Victor’s eyes and his voice cannot be mistaken. This is serious.

I think the recovery of Blitzen is good news. It looks like it has taken a few days but he is back on his feet and playing with the other reindeer as we speak. I think this may just be a passing bug.

— Elf Ernest