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Why Santa Drinks Milk with Cookies on Christmas Eve

Why Santa Drinks Milk with Cookies on Christmas Eve 1Kids around the world have been leaving milk and cookies out on Christmas Eve for centuries. The cookies are the fuel that keeps Santa going during his long day. He burns a lot of calories and the researchers here at the North Pole have determined that cookies are the fastest way to replace those calories.

The real question is why Santa drinks milk with his cookies and not something else like water or soda. I had a chance to ask Santa that very question the other day.

“There are several reasons that I prefer milk on Christmas Eve.” Santa told me. “I drink milk because it’s good for me. It keeps my bones strong so I can carry the bag around on Christmas Eve. I also need strong bones to help me withstand the speed of the sleigh. Milk is also Mother Nature’s sports drink. It has a combination of carbohydrates and protein that help keep you going. The main reason I drink milk though is that it just tastes great with cookies. There is nothing better than a cold cup of milk to go with a sweet cookie. You just can’t have a cookie with anything else to drink.”

I asked Santa if he prefers a certain kind of milk. “I love them all.” Santa said. “Low fat, skim, 1%, 2%, whole milk, buttermilk, soy milk, rice milk, and even almond milk. They all have their unique flavors and they all go well with cookies.”

Santa didn’t mention chocolate milk so I asked him if he liked it too.

“How could I have forgotten chocolate milk?” Santa said. “I love chocolate milk and strawberry isn’t too bad either. There was a little town in Norway that had made a special batch of codfish milk a couple of years ago and set out for me. I’ll admit that one I didn’t care for — but I drank it, like a good guest should. Kids leave out all kinds of treats for me but I love the cookies the best, especially if they are home made. That way I feel the love they are made with and the Christmas spirit of those who make them. It keeps me going.”

So, you can see, folks, why it is important to leave out cookies and milk for Santa as a little treat when he visits your home. Treats for the reindeer are good too but Elf Victor says you have to be careful with what kind of treats they are.

“You can’t leave cookies out for the reindeer,” Elf Victor said. “They need vegetables and grain. And just a little bit of water. Not too much. Reindeer are light animals, they move very quickly so they need food that doesn’t hold them down. Carrots are the very best, maybe a little celery. In some places, folks put hay on their roof for the reindeer but they don’t eat it. The love to land on it and to lay in it because it keeps them warm. But they don’t care to eat it. If you want to leave them a little treat, try a few pieces of candy cane for them, but not too much, as it can upset their tummies if they eat too much on the go. Reindeer love candy canes.”

In other news, Elf Billy in the Weather Center is forecasting big snow for Christmas Eve here at the North Pole. In fact, he says that he thinks Santa is in for a wild ride on Christmas Eve with all the weather events taking place around the world. We will keep you posted.

— Elf Ernest

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  1. Emily
    Emily says:

    i believe in father christmas! i always leave him out white milk but this year for 2015 i am leaving him out chocolate milk! chocolate milk goes great with anything!

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