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Surprise Reindeer Games Winner Declared

The reindeer games ended late yesterday and the winner is Daisy! Yes, that’s right — a GIRL.

Daisy is just 2 years old and comes from the area around Barrow, Alaska. This area has produced some of our top reindeer including Donner. I sat down with Elf Victor to see how Daisy managed to pull off the win.

“It was a shock to all of us” Elf Victor said. “As the games progressed we could see that she was one of a kind. She wasn’t the strongest or the fastest but she was very consistent. She finished in the top 5 for every single event. That is just unimaginable. To think that she was up against thousands of other reindeer and managed to beat all but five of them every time. Only 1 other reindeer has more than 1 top 5 finish during the 15 different events. She is definitely a very, very special athlete.”

The closing ceremonies for the games will be held tonight. Santa will present the winners of each event a special bridle. Then Daisy will be honored and presented with a special harness and a crown of peppermint candies (reindeer love candy canes!).

The ceremonies will close with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner in honor of Daisy.

In other news, a small mishap today in Santa’s workshop. Production has fallen further behind after a mix up put Barbie doll heads on army action figures. The mix up happened during a power outage caused by a North Pole blizzard over the weekend. Elves normally work in the dark without a problem and production continued and the error was not noticed until hours later when more than 40,000 of the army action figures with girl heads were sent to the Wrapping Department. Elf Wally reports they are still unwrapping the mistake. If you get one of these for Christmas, Santa apologizes.

— Elf Ernest