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Early Weather Reports Spell Trouble for Santa

Early Weather Reports Spell Trouble for Santa 1Elf Billy sent advance weather forecasts to Santa showing rough skies around the globe for Christmas Eve.

“Well, Santa travels the world, so we expect to see some rough spots somewhere.” explained Billy. “But this year looks to be rougher than most – especially over Western Europe, the south Pacific and the Northern United States and Southern Canada.”

For all the many years that Santa has taken flight weather has caused many slowdowns but never has stopped Santa. Just a few years ago, Santa got caught in a blizzard in the Alps that had everyone really concerned because we lost radio contact with him. Later, when Santa got home, he said he was more worried about the sandstorm he encountered in the Sahara than he was the blizzard because he trusted the reindeer natural instincts in snow.

“Like any good driver, Santa tries to avoid the trouble spots for the sake of safety.” Elf Billy said. “So his flight plan is constantly changing. We think we know right now the general route that Santa will take but we’re prepared to change those plans according to shifts in the weather.”

Santa has some new features on the sleigh this year to help him in bad weather. Usually, the new sleigh for each year is shown by Thanksgiving but we have not seen it yet because the Research and Development Department has not finished testing it. It is getting a little late for that but Santa doesn’t seem to be too concerned.

We will keep you posted.

— Elf Ernest