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Santa’s New Sleigh Has Trouble Flying

Santa's New Sleigh Has Trouble Flying 1Elf Quinton was pretty excited last week to talk about Santa’s new sleigh. This week he’s not saying too much about it. On a test flight earlier this week Elf Quinton was flying with just six reindeer hitched to the sleigh and had a hard time keeping it under control.

“He almost flipped it completely over,” said Elf Darren, an assistant in Santa’s Research and Development Department. “You put two reindeer on that sleigh and it flies straight and true. You put more than that on that sleigh and it jumps all over the place, like a leaf in the wind. There’s no way Santa could take that on Christmas Eve.”

I tried to get Elf Quinton to talk to me about it but his head was up underneath the sleigh trying to find out the problem.

I did, however, talk to Santa about it today. Santa said he is not concerned. Of all the things that can go wrong with Operation Merry Christmas Santa says the sleigh is the one he worries about the least because he still has last year’s sleigh and that worked pretty good last Christmas. So he’s not worried.

Santa told me to take Elf Quinton out to lunch and to tell him not to worry so much.

Santa never worries about anything. I wonder how he does it.

— Elf Ernest