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Wrapping Department to Try Powered Tape Dispensers

Wrapping Department to Try Powered Tape Dispensers 1I was sitting in my office today when I noticed a large shipment being delivered to the wrapping department through my window. It is very unusual to see large shipments coming in this late in December so I headed over to chat with Elf Wally to get the scoop.

“We can’t wrap the gifts until the workshop builds them so we’re always the end of the line for getting Santa ready to fly” Elf Wally told me. “In our staff meeting yesterday we were discussing how we could wrap a gift faster than we do now. We know that wrapping a gift takes an average of 53 seconds. 25 of those seconds are spent measuring and cutting pieces of tape. We decided that if we could somehow cut that down we could speed up the process dramatically. I got in contact with our tape supplier who told me that they had a powered tape dispenser that will automatically cut off 2 inch strips. That sounded like the perfect thing so I asked them to overnight me everything single one they had in their warehouse. We are going to try these out and if they work they could be the difference between making our deadline or not.”

I also talked to Elf Quinton today. He said that Santa’s sleigh looked really good in early tests with just two reindeer but since adding a few more reindeer and loading down the sleigh some he has to make some adjustments. He hopes to get Santa to take a full flight test with the sleigh early next week.

It is a busy day here at the North Pole!

— Elf Ernest