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More Secret Spies Needed for Santa

More Secret Spies Needed for Santa 1

More Secret Spies Needed for Santa 2I was working in my office this morning when I looked up and saw the mysterious Elf Agent X standing in front of me. My door was still closed and I never heard anything so I’m not quite sure how he got into my office. I asked him how I could help him and he told me that he was worried and need some help.

“I haven’t heard from a lot of Santa’s secret spies this year.” Elf Agent X said. “I really need to get the word out that they need to check in soon. I also need more people to sign up to be spies. The population of the world is growing and with it the threat to Santa is growing. I need to have more spies out there to keep me informed of those threats.”

I asked Elf Agent X what threat’s Santa’s Secret Spies are looking for. “They are looking for anything that might affect Santa’s flight. They should report on new towers that have gone up in their neighborhoods since last Christmas. They should report if one of their neighbors has got a new dog since last Christmas. If they are seeing more birds around than normal or more planes in the sky they should report that. We also ask them to report any bad weather on Christmas Eve to help out Elf Billy and his staff. Anything that is new since last Christmas or anything that could slow Santa down should be reported.”

So if you want to help Elf Agent X and Santa out click here to become a member of Santa’s Secret Spy Network.

Elf Agent X never smiled when we talked. In fact, he said the strangest thing just before he left. “I was never here and we never had this conversation,” he told me. Then he slipped out the door. Weird.

— Elf Ernest