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Elf Choir Vows to Perform This Year

I was walking by the North Pole auditorium the other day and I could hear the elf choir inside practicing. The choir is made up of elves from every department at the North Pole. They all come together on their time off to practice and perform for their big Christmas concert held on December 22nd every year.

The only problem is that they have had to cancel it for the last 6 years. Things here at the North Pole have just been too busy for the elves to get off of work to perform. I decided to step inside to watch them practice for a few minutes when and ran into Elf Janene.

“This is going to be the year!” Elf Janene said. “I was just over at the workshop and Elf Bernard assured me that he was on schedule and my elves would get the night off to perform. I was just on my way over to talk to Elf Wally to get his assurances that no matter what my elves would get that night off. I don’t care if we just have to sing to the school children. We will have a concert this year.”

“It is also an exciting time because our new CD is coming out entitled “NOELF.” Isn’t that cute? Elf Janene said. “It is going to be released at the concert that night for everyone to purchase. It has all of the songs we will be performing at the concert plus a few bonus tracks. It will be our first new cd since our debut album 10 years ago.”

The first Elf choir album was sort of a disaster. It was called “Elves in the Round” and it featured a looping song titled “This is the Song that Never Ends”. The CD came packaed with a warning label and no controls to turn off the loop. So the first time you listened to the CD you just heard this never ending song over and over and over and over. It was a learning experience for all the elves.

After I left the auditorium I ran into Elf Billy. “I heard the new sleigh is supposed to be the fastest one ever built” he said. “I don’t know if we will be able to track it when Santa’s going full speed. The numbers that Elf Quinton gave me are crazy. I don’t know if there is any hardware in the world that could track it at that speed.”

I assured him that between him and Elf Quinton they would figure it out. Santa still has to fly that sleigh though. Oh, and he has to approve Elf Janene’s concert date for the Elf choir, too. The 22nd of December is a pretty crazy time to be holding a concert, don’t you think?

— Elf Ernest