Never Pay Money to See or Talk to Santa

Never Pay Money to See or Talk to Santa 1Just after Halloween the letters started flowing into the North Pole. Many kids write with questions and we do our best to answer them. One of the most important questions was asked by a boy in the U.K. named Daniel who wanted to know how much money he needed to bring to see Santa Claus. We feel this is an important question that needs an immediate answer:


You should never have to pay money to access Santa Claus. Ever. You should never pay money to see him or talk to him. Santa is not interested in money and doesn’t even use money. Anyone who tries to sell you access to Santa is **not** the real Santa Claus. Santa himself feels very strongly about this issue:

“There may be some people out there who are trying to make money by pretending to be me.” Santa said. “I will never charge kids to see me. My payment is the smile on a child’s face as he or she tells me what they want for Christmas. My payment is the cookies and milk children set out for me on Christmas Eve to help me through the night. My payment is all of the thank you letters I receive from kids all over the world. Money doesn’t drive Operation Merry Christmas. It is the love and generosity of people all over the world that makes it possible. Money never has or should have anything to do with Santa Claus or Christmas, really.”